Anonymity Online

Types of protection

Let’s look at the main options for copy protection, including cost, level of protection and implementation. Trust system The initial expenses are zero — you hope that those who buy your software will not distribute it, and you will receive income from each user. No prior preparation or implementation is needed: once you have compiled […]



MASS ATTACK AND THE SUCCESS OF THE ATTACKERS In total, about 1.2 million attacks were carried out, mainly on the computers of well-known business giants. We urgently had to make patches for Amazon, Apple, Cisco, IBM and Microsoft corporations. The intentions of the hackers turned out to be traditional: stealing personal data of users, logins […]



This story has shown that it is often better to store your files on the servers of medium-sized companies, which include Spectrosoft. Domain names of such companies are little known to attackers, mostly English-speaking, who find it difficult to enter into a dialogue with the purpose of extortion. Another advantage of Spectrasoft is timely software […]

Hidden network

What is required from the key provider

If you choose the option with keys, then in addition to reliable protection, the key provider must provide: ease of implementation; acceptable key production speed — you don’t have to wait for the supplier to provide new keys to sell more of your software; flexibility of implementation and the ability to customize the solution to […]


Hardware protection

The protection is very strong, since an electronic USB key is responsible for licensing, which does not need to connect to the Internet. The cost of each key for each license is low; in addition, there are no recurring costs. You can implement it using the API or software wrappers. This option is one of […]