Wim Dankbaar vs Cybersoup

There are no end to theories as to how and why former US President John F. Kennedy came to be assassinated in Dallas, Texas in 1963. But at least one oddball cult-conspiracist by the name of Wim Dankbaar of the Netherlands, owner of the website www.jfkmurdersolved.com plans to make his own killing, financial in this case.

Dankbaar and the Selling of the James Files Lies

Wim Dankbaar is selling books, CDs, DVDs and online video replays to support his ludicrous contentions that he and only he knows who killed JFK. In the process, Dankbaar has repeatedly slandered individuals and companies whom he came across in his long standing attempt to fool the public.

Destroying the CyberSoup Network and Individuals

Among his most damaging actions are his reprehensible lies against Internet company Cybersoup, (formerly a large social network) where he had built a free website to support and market his cult ambition. He really needed the free site to promote his JFKmurdersolved.com site which was receiving low traffic. While using the company’s free website building program, Dankbaar discovered that one of its owners had a background in undercover operations many years earlier. Hoping to exploit the owner for any possible information on JFK’s murder, Dankbaar befriended him in the hopes of making yet another financial killing to further his JFK mania. Dankbaar quickly decided he could use his free Cybersoup email to send endless spam so that his own site and its servers wouldn’t be flagged. After nonstop complaints from visitors and Spam detectors, Cybersoup confronted Dankbaar and ultimately was forced to delete his free website when Dankbaar refused to respect the terms and conditions of usage.

Confronting Dankbaar’s Illusion

Further animosity developed between the two web site owners when Cybersoup proved that Dankbaar’s main “suspect”, James Files, the one Dankbaar contends actually killed JFK is as much a liar and fraud as Dankbaar himself.

The James Files Story Blown Apart:

The most important fact as to why Dankbaar is stalking and harassing the ex-partner of CIA operative Chauncey Holt is because after viewing 3 hours of the Files interview, he gave Dankbaar 25 reasons as to why James Files was lying and was totally unbelievable. Here are just 3 of the 25:

1. Files said that he went out to a isolated area on a number of days to test fire his weapons and that he had a half dozen rounds of mercury injected bullets. Yet while test firing the weapon he supposedly used to kill Kennedy, he never used any of those special rounds. And Dankbaar reports that Files is a so-called gun expert and assassin. Even an amateur hunter would know that you test fire a gun with the ammo you are going to use on the hunt.

2. Files said that the weapon he used had a scope and that he took it off minutes before Kennedy arrived to check out the people in the area. Why did he need to use a scope when most of the people were only a few yards away? Again and most important, any amateur would know that if you took the scope off the gun you would have to re-sight it in order for the gun to be accurate, especially if you’re shooting at a target the size of someone’s head, plus the fact that the target was moving.

3. There is absolutely no evidence that a mercury filled bullet is going to explode as Files suggested it would. In fact, experts who have tested mercury bullets have found them to be very inaccurate.

For more on the phony statements in the James Files interview Click Here.

Thus, in point after point (remember there were 25 points), Files’ testimony was blown apart.  Dankbaar even acknowledged the massive inconsistencies in Files testimony, yet to this day Dankbaar continues to sell his fraudulent materials via his site and elsewhere on the internet.

Dankbaar on the Rampage

Dankbaar viciously harassed and also sued Karyn Harcourt, the daughter of CIA undercover agent, Chauncey Holt, whom Dankbaar promotes on his site. According to Dankbaar, everyone is stealing from him. This occurred in San Diego and it was thrown out of court.  UPDATE:  Dankbaar has now filed a 3rd lawsuit against Mrs. Harcourt.

Dankbaar harassed and stalked everyone associated with Cybersoup. Dankbaar put up fraudulent information on his site and emailed everyone with threats to destroy their reputations. In his crazed attempt to punish CyberSoup for taking down his free web site, Dankbaar even emailed an ambassador and made threats.

Dankbaar ripped off another JFK conspiracy theorist, Bob Vernon, to the tune of $150,000. In this case, not only is Dankbaar a conspiracy nut, but he’s a highly dangerous one too. Are there others who have suffered at the hands of Dankbaar? We’re sure there are. Feel free to email your Dankbaar harassment stories to us.

The information included in this report has been confirmed by no less than 8 persons who have been threatened, harassed and blackmailed by Wim Dankbaar.