Hidden network

What is required from the key provider

If you choose the option with keys, then in addition to reliable protection, the key provider must provide:

ease of implementation;

acceptable key production speed — you don’t have to wait for the supplier to provide new keys to sell more of your software;

flexibility of implementation and the ability to customize the solution to your needs;

confidence that the vendor can be trusted and that your application will not be left without support throughout its life cycle;

assistance in the implementation of the solution, as well as ongoing support in case you decide to update your software.

Don’t let your work go to waste

Although piracy is being fought, this does not mean that software licensing and protection can be neglected.

You put hundreds, maybe even thousands of hours of work into your product; the last thing you need in return is for someone to steal your work. Before releasing any software, you need to think about how you are going to license and protect it.