Hardware protection

The protection is very strong, since an electronic USB key is responsible for licensing, which does not need to connect to the Internet. The cost of each key for each license is low; in addition, there are no recurring costs. You can implement it using the API or software wrappers.

This option is one of the simplest, most reliable and universal, so let’s focus on it in more detail.

Approx.perev. Licensing functions can be developed independently, but this is a very difficult and time-consuming process. Again, you can use ready-made software for licensing management, but it, in turn, will also require licensing and will cost money. You can also look for open-source libraries and solutions for these purposes, like this and this.

The main advantages of using electronic keys

Electronic keys are the best choice for software licensing and protection. Such protection is quickly and easily implemented using a software wrapper. For more flexibility, you can embed the API into your software or even add a wrapper combination with an integrated API.

Electronic keys provide many advantages, starting with the form factor. The presence of a physical key makes it possible to remove the license from the computer. With a foreign key located outside the operating system, the protection becomes stronger.

Moving a license from one computer to another is as easy as reconnecting a USB flash drive. A secure electronic key cannot be read or copied.

Using an electronic key eliminates the need to contact the licensing server, so your software can be used in places with limited Internet connection, such as secret government facilities, where traffic is either heavily monitored or completely prohibited. With electronic keys, there is no need to create different solutions for different environments.

Other advantages of electronic keys:

enhanced intellectual property security provided by a strong connection between the key firmware and your software;

flexible, almost unlimited licensing options;

incredible ease of implementation. A first-class solution based on electronic keys can be implemented in minutes, not days, weeks or months.;

support for multiple platforms. Electronic keys can be supported by all versions of Windows, as well as machines with Mac and Linux.