Wim Dankbaar Defames and Invades Privacy of Murder Victim’s Family

Wim Dankbaar Ordered
Back to Court.

Wim Dankbaar was back in court because he has been continuing his usual course of business to defame, harass and stalk various people across the internet.

He has been heavily involved in “investigating” on the internet, the lust murder of 16-year-old Marianne Vaatstra which occurred in 1999.  He is convinced that S Jasper, who was convicted last year for the murder is not the real culprit.  He claims that the evidence against the man was manipulated and the real killer, who of course only Wim Dankbaar has uncovered, remains at large.

Dankbaar went on to defame in various publications the father of the former friend of Marianne and a former asylum seeker. He likened the father to a NAZI collaborator. The two victims claim compensation from more than 1500 euros in total.

The prosecution demanded Dankbaar be penalized with community service of 80 hours and 4 weeks suspended prison sentence for libel and insult stating that Dankbaar’s slanderous text should disappear from the internet forthwith. Moreover, he should have no further contact with two of his victims. For every offense, Dankbaar should spend a month in jail.

FROM THE DUTCH REPORT: RE:  Wim Dankbaar and Vaatstra’s Mother’s Diary


ASH – The Journal of the mother of Marianne Vaatstra who was murdered in 1999 may not be republished. That the courts have determined in Assen.

Marianne’s mother, Maaike Terpstra, challenged Frides Laméris Zuidlaren to court because the man has put 41 pages from her diary on his website The story shows the feelings of the mother back from the moment her daughter Marianne disappeared on May 1, 1999. The body of the girl was found shortly afterwards in a pasture at Veenklooster. She was raped and murdered. On April 19, 2013, Jasper S. Fries was sentenced by the court in Leeuwarden to 18 years in prison for the murder and rape of Marianne.

The judge now says that the diary is a copyrighted work. The publications have been achieved. He faces a fine of 2500 euros per day if he fails in to remove the copyrighted work. On 18 December 2013, the judge ruled in Haarlem, that publicist Wim Dankbaar and publisher Hans Mauritz are not allowed to republish the diary without permission of the author.  Further Dankbaar was ordered to remove from the internet all defamatory statements and any pages of the diary.

The diaries were made long before the arrest of Jasper S. It is the experience and the deepest feelings of the mother during her grieving process. The mother gave her diary for inspection to a girlfriend. It was then digitized and came, unbeknownst to the mother, in the hands of third parties. Dankbaar is convinced that Jasper S. was not the killer … that the real culprit is held according to him, by a conspiracy at the highest judicial level.

Terpstra wants a publication ban, and that all documents and copies handed to her. They also want the names and addresses of the persons to whom a copy of the book is provided. In addition, the woman is claiming payment of 50,000 euros to the damage suffered. Lawyer Yehudi Moszkowicz called these publications particularly painful for Terpstra: “… by these conspiracy theorists” who just want to profit from the work.

Wim Dankbaar is, of course, the Dutch blogger/investigator who continues to sell known fraudulent materials related to the JFK assassination on his JFK murder website claiming that jailed inmate James Files is the sole assassin of President Kennedy.