James Files Fraud Videos

The Videos on this page help explain the extensive fraud perpetrated by Wim Dankbaar (who promotes his “store-bought” JFK Murder “Solved” website) and James Files about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963.  These videos discuss the various discrepancies between what each say about President Kennedy’s assassination. James Files is the man who says “I Shot JFK From the Grassy Knoll”. Wim Dankbaar is the man who promotes the James Files JFK murder solved FRAUD story – that Files and he and alone killed President Kennedy – throughout the world with their books and DVDs.

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Video 1: Roots of the fraud. Explains that James Files is a criminal imprisoned for an unrelated crime and how Files’ claims to be the grassy knoll shooter has been debunked repeatedly.  It explains how Wim Dankbaar bought a conspiracy website from Bob Vernon who knew that James Files was lying. And it goes on to tell you that Mr. Dankbaar has been convicted in the Netherlands of various crimes against police officers and their family as well as against Dutch investigative journalist Peter R. De Vries.

Video 2: This video shows that James Files and his mercury filled bullets story is nuts, that taking off the rifle scope before allegedly making the fatal “grassy knoll” kill shot is insane.  It further points out the activities of Dutchman Wim Dankbaar, a convicted criminal for harassment, stalking, theft, computer and email hacking and his actions against investigative journalist Peter R. De Vries.

Video 3: Discusses the number of rounds and the calibration of the rifle scope James Files allegedly used to take his famous “grassy knoll” shot to kill President Kennedy. It also shows the discrepancy of Files’ claim to have used a mercury filled 222 caliber bullet for the fatal shot.

Video 4: Discusses President Kennedy’s motorcade route, the mob connection to the assassination, Jack Ruby and the rifle scope James Files allegedly used to take his famous “grassy knoll” shot.

Video 5: Shows that James Files’ claims that he served in Laos and who hired him (supposedly it was CIA officer David Atlee Phillips) to work for the CIA is fraudulent. It discusses the Bay of Pigs invasion and shows that James Files’ training and operations did not take place where and when he said they did.

Video 6:  Discusses bullet casings Files allegedly left in Dealey Plaza, his alleged presence in Laos and Cambodia, him being in Chicago and not having a twin brother. It also mentions how Wim Dankbaar bought the rights to the James Files Fraud story from Bob Vernon.