Dankbaar Labeled Stalker & Defamer

Wim Dankbaar Labeled Stalker and Defamer by Dutch Courts; Court Orders Dankbaar to Cease and Desist Libel Against Dutch Police.

Wim Dankbaar, the self-proclaimed but famously dubious JFK murder “expert” and well known conspiracy fanatic, was ordered by a court in his homeland to cease, desist and remove from all sources (including the internet) any defamation against police for their investigations in the Deventer murder case.  As is customary for Mr. Dankbaar, the Dutchman posted numerous outrageous lies and harassed and threatened police officers and their families.  Additionally, as he has been known to do to others, Dankbaar posted the private home telephone numbers and home addresses of three poliice officers involved in the investigation.  A restraining order was issued prohibiting him from approaching or contacting the police or their families. Dankbaar was fined 25,000 euros for each day that he ignored the court’s ruling.

NOTE: Clicking on any of the links incorporated herein will bring up rather poor Google translations from Dutch into English.  Wim’s last name “Dankbaar” means “thankful” or “grateful” in Dutch and is also translated at “thankfully” or “gratefully” or “gratitude” in various Dutch reports on the Internet.  The reference to “Overveen”, often right next to his name, refers to his hometown.

Wim Dankbaar is also the man who in December 2009 aligned himself with other conspiracy nuts, this time from Battle Creek Michigan, USA to help in his online defamation and libel.  As of 2020, he’s still at it.