JamesFilesFraud.com highlights stories about the outrageous fraud by imprisoned criminal James Files and Wim Dankbaar perpetrated against the public. JFK Murder Solved NOT.  Here you will also read stories about Dankbaar’s purchase from Bob Vernon of the rights to the James Files fraud story. You’ll see how Dankbaar ripped off CIA agent Chauncey Holt’s daughter as well as how Dankbaar has riled the courts in the Netherlands with his illegal actions, including how he hacked the email account of investigative journalist Peter R. deVries, stole his reports and forwarded them onto to third-parties who were competitors of Mr. de Vries in the news field.  That occurred when Dankbaar was deVries’ partner in a business venture.

JFK Murder Solved NOT!  Award Winning Investigator Asked

Why was there NO mention of Wim Dankbaar, the so-called expert on the JFK assassination, and James Files at any anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s murder? There were numerous theories discussed, but not Dankbaar’s. It’s because NO ONE takes them seriously except for other conspiracy nuts. Check out what others are saying on well respected sites and blogs.

Allan Eaglesham

Read all about how the James Files story started long before James Files started his trail of lies.  “The Files Mosaic” is a must read.

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